Yellow Candle Meaning [ 2020 ]

Candles are useful for endless rituals that can help you achieve a happier life. When lighting a candle, you are taking care of your health, your work, they can even bring prosperity, this depends on the color of each candle.

If you want to achieve more positive energy and fill your day with light, then you need to use yellow candles. In this post we explain what the yellow candles mean and the benefits they bring to you spiritually.

Yellow candle meaning

What Is The Yellow Candle Used For?

The yellow candle is the same color as the sun, so it is related to its light, because it radiates joy, life and light over everything that surrounds it. Lighting a yellow candle helps you to be stronger both physically and psychologically and gives a positivism and a warm and loving character.

Yellow candles are also related to money, material goods, communication and creativity; therefore it is ideal to have a yellow candle at home because it attracts positive energy.

Light a yellow candle, it is useful to do spiritual cleansing, attract positivism, harmony and eliminate the bad energies of the home.

As well as the white candle, the yellow candle is also a neutral candle and the powers of its flame give harmony, warmth and joy.

Yellow candles provide the energy and strength necessary to face your problems in the best way possible and, in addition, protects you from any evil.

Yellow candles are very interesting because just by having them as decoration in your room or workplace, even without lighting, you are also invoking concentration and creativity to achieve all your goals.

 The dark yellow candle  is more related to the sun and is used to achieve prosperity, brightness, fame, fortune.

 The light yellow candle  is linked to mental energy and is indicated in matters related to friendship, inspiration and learning.

More Interesting Things About The Yellow Candles That You Should Know

  • Flower: the yellow rose is the one that best combines with the yellow candle. It is very resistant to weather changes and affects the intellectual aspects of the person, giving it a greater capacity for understanding and intelligence. When you light yellow candles in your house, accompany it with a few yellow roses to achieve a greater effect. The yellow poppy is also compatible.
  • Number: the number that best symbolizes the everyday and the material is the four.
  • Perfume and incense: before starting the ritual with yellow candles it is convenient to rub your hands with sandalwood perfume, which is the same incense that should be burned during the invocation.
  • Stone: Agate is the stone that corresponds to the yellow candle, which expresses the energy and will give strength to the person to perform those actions that lead him to reach spiritual fulfillment.
  • Health: the yellow candle acts in a positive way on the nervous system and the respiratory system, helps to develop the intellectual capacities and to easily establish social relations.
  • Astrological sign: those born under the sign of Virgo and Gemini are those protected by the yellow candle. The first is the most dispersed and represents order and virtue. Gemini is the altruistic fighter.

When To Burn Yellow Candle

  1. When you want to shape and move your ideas: it represents order, reason and logic.
  2. when you want to improve communication with others: it helps you overcome shyness and promotes social relationships.
  3. Lighting a yellow candle helps you intensify the memory: mental agility, eloquence and the ability to understand. It is the candle to work with matters of the mind, being ideal for rituals in which you want inspiration and understanding of some intellectual matter.

But yellow candle also has negative aspects: envy. For that reason you should not abuse its use, otherwise, it attracts selfishness and ambition. It is advisable to use the yellow candles in a prudent manner without abusing so as not to attract negative energies.

Money Spell With Yellow Candle

How to do the ritual?

To get the job you want and, with that, attract money, you must place two yellow candles in front of your bathroom mirror. One a week, light the two candles, one on each side of the mirror, and put a few drops of sandalwood on the wrists, then rub the inside of the wrists together to spread the scent and rub the sides of the neck.

Day: the day of its preferred use is Wednesday, because it is the day on which the rite will have more possibilities of reaching its objective, since it is known for its ability to exert a positive influence on commercial transactions.

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