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orange candle meaning

Orange color candle meaning

The orange candle represents the sun, although in some mystical traditions the orange is related to Mercury. It is a very useful color when we need energy and creativity. It fights depression and apathy, encourages artistic and sporting activities. It is a …
red candle spiritual meaning

What is red candle used for

The red candle gives us authority, vitality and passion. It is the best help for the protection of loved ones, it is the best candle for defense rituals, it gives impulse to situations that need a quick resolution, acting also in the …
yellow candle meaning

Meaning of the yellow candle

Candles are useful for endless rituals that can help you achieve a happier life. When lighting a candle, you are taking care of your health, your work, they can even bring prosperity, this depends on the color of each candle. If you …