4 Pink candle spells

The colour pink has always been associated with women, although today in the 21st century we see pink as a colour for everyone, the truth is that it inevitably has feminine values.

Loyalty, fidelity, balance, temperance are the outstanding feminine values that we find, precisely as a general rule women know how to control their instincts better than men, of course in general terms.

Pink candle spells

Meaning of Pink Candles

Therefore, pink provides us with stability, if we want a lasting friendship, that the problems with our family are solved and the situation returns to normal, if we want a couple for life pink is an appropriate color.

Pink candles will go hand in hand with all these desires so that when we want stability in our interpersonal relationships a lit pink candle with the corresponding ritual will be of absolute help.

Pink symbols

It is important to know the stones, the flowers, the symbolism or the days that are related to the color you have chosen for your candle because when making the suitable ritual you will have to know the elements that will help everything to take effect.

Normally, elements of the earth or spiritual elements are used to make our wishes come true, we always consider the day we are, the state of the moon which is a powerful channeler, the goddess who prints strength, the stones that give the strength of the earth.

  • The planet Venus is the planet of love, it always brings enough inspiration to everything that is based on letting yourself go spiritually, on finding the harmony needed to create something good, be it works of art or love relationships.
  • Aphrodite, as everyone knows, is the goddess of love and although she also accompanies the red passion and passionate relationships that begin and flourish, she is also a companion of stability in love, because she is always a producer of love.
  • Friday is the day that is associated with the influence of Venus and therefore is the best day for the planet’s influence to take effect.
  • As for the flowers, we could not use other than the roses especially if they are pink roses the success is even greater, it is to deploy the color in all its essences to attract all their energy.

Pink candles

Love spell with pink candle

  1. Leave a pink candle in the form of a couple in the bedroom for 28 nights, to strengthen the marriage and the love life.
  2. Light two pink heart-shaped candles on each side of the bed to increase the sentimental sensitivity in the relationship.
  3. To calm the couple’s jealousy, light a white candle on their side of the bed, after 20 minutes, blow it out and then light a pink flower-shaped candle and make a request for your partner to trust you.

Pink candle spell to find the love of your life

  1. Take a rose quartz and purify it by putting it in water and salt for a couple of hours.
  2. Then let it dry in the sunlight for 24 hours.
  3. Place the quartz next to the pink candle and light it and repeat the following phrase: Rose quartz of love, make the love of my life enter, I ask you with love that love is always by my side …

Pink Candle Ritual to Heal Friendly Relationships

  1. Light 3 pink candles and 3 white candles in a place your friends will frequent.
  2. If this is not possible, do it in the room where you receive visitors.
  3. Spread a rose essence in the air and think of the friends you want to win back.
  4. Make a mental prayer for their reconciliation and blow out the candles with the tap of a flower in a bud.

4 Pink candle spells

Spells to seduce

Pink extols feminine beauty. Empowering it to seduce others is within your reach with these simple rituals. Light a pink candle next to a photo of yourself. Repeat three times in your mind: “Let the obstacles that prevent me from seducing others disappear, especially… (Name the person you wish to conquer, if any), that I feel light, free of prejudice, pleasant and beautiful. So be it. Repeat the ritual every moon change, once a week”.

There is another ritual to fall in love with someone you already know, but this one requires more elements. Although it is equally simple and effective. Place three pink candles in a triangle, about 20 cm apart. Place a pink quartz, without edges, in the center. Sprinkle salt around it without touching it. Focus on that person or the kind of love you are looking for, and light the candles starting with the one on your right. Once the candles have burned out, remove the quartz and place it in a small pink bag. Always carry it with you.

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