Meaning of Candles in Dreams

The meaning of dreaming with candles is related to the will to achieve spiritual elevation. Or, the dream appears as a warning for you to recover your attitudes towards your own belief. On the contrary, it can also mean a warning for you to recover your attitudes towards your own belief.

Dreaming of a candle that lights up the darkness symbolizes the light that guides your path. Whether it is obstacles, shortcuts or stumbling blocks, dreaming of a candle brings a sense of hope as you travel this path. That is, no matter how difficult you face, you will be accompanied by divine strength.

Also, when you are dreaming of a lit candle, it can mean the passage of time until the end of the dream. That is why there is talk of the death of a person close to you.

However, there is no need to worry at all since dreams are warnings from the universe that serve to prepare you or alert you to some important event. So know that no interpretation is definitive.

How to interpret dreams?

Since the dream is a manifestation of your unconscious that brings messages from the universe, it is important to interpret it wisely according to the context of your current life. Based on this, you have the opportunity to redirect the course of your actions to achieve a specific goal.

  • White candle lit: symbol of inner maturity and of a life directed towards spiritual evolution.
  • White candle extinguished: represents lack of inner peace due to detachment from your own faith.

Dreaming of a blown-out candle.

This is a dream about yourself as an extinguished candle represents your sense of rejection and the traumas of the past. You may be experiencing moments of disappointment, but you should not forget to see this phase as a learning process for future relationships.

It is normal that you will be deeply saddened, so the suggestion is to enjoy this cesspool well, and then come out of it with your head held high and your faith renewed.

Dreaming of a Blue Candle.

It is a very beautiful dream because your unconscious is indicating that you have the need to communicate. That is: you have many things to say, but you feel blocked. Therefore, the blue of the candle indicates the urgency to work on the laryngeal chakra, located in the throat.

Dreaming of candle

Dreaming of a Yellow Candle

Possibly one of the best dreams as it strengthens your leadership skills. This is because dreaming of a yellow candle represents your influential personality and strength of spirit. In this way, don’t forget your ability to face the obstacles in your life. In addition, you will probably have to play the role of leader to solve not only your problems, but also those of people close to you.

Dreaming of a Black Candle

This is a very curious dream since a black candle is a sign that you have adopted habits that are harmful to your life. In this way, important things like positive thoughts and kind and compassionate actions are neglected. Therefore, you have the impression that you cannot achieve your goals no matter how hard you try.

Dreaming of a white candle

The first thing we should know is that the color white inspires peace and sacredness. Therefore, dreaming of a white candle has the same meaning, that is, the renewal of faith.

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