Coloured Candles Meaning

Candles are not only used as decoration, to aromatize or to create an intimate atmosphere. Candles have wonderful powers and positive energies that come to you every time you light them in your home, and depending on the color you choose, you will achieve very different goals.

Since ancient times, candles have been used for rituals, because the fire and light that emanate combined with the energetic vibration of the color of the candle, produces a very powerful atmosphere.

Coloured candles meaning

Lighting a candle is a way to connect with the power of each color. Candles emit different vibrations to the brain. Next, we explain the meaning of each color candle.

Meaning of different colour candles

White candle

Lighting a white candle removes all the negative energies that surround you and your family. White is the color of harmony, purity, simplicity and is related to calmness and personal well-being. For this reason, white candles are used in ceremonies, marriages and in the church, because it brings good energies and peace.

Yellow candle

Yellow candle means abundance, both of money and of spiritual prosperity. Yellow is also the color of intelligence, because it invokes creativity, communication and helps improve self-esteem; at the same time it is the color of the sun, light and positivity.

Blue candle

Blue is associated with cold. The blue candle is related to calm, spirituality and reflection. It also contributes to creating a relaxing atmosphere that helps in times of change and transformation of your life. The use of this candle helps to improve communication with other people and to establish a relationship.

Orange candle

This candle is associated with motivation and positivism. This is the color of the illumination. If you are depressed, lighting an orange candle will improve your spirits and the joy of living. In the same way, it helps achieve lucidity and peace of its own. The orange candle is obtained from a combination of red and yellow: it gives the strength of the red color and the clarity of the yellow.

Red candle

The color red means love, passion and sensuality. When you light a red candle, you attract the energy of love and confidence in yourself. In conclusion, this is the candle of passion. The strength and vitality provided by the red color helps you face the challenges of life.

Purple candle

Purple is the color of leadership, of mind and wisdom. For that reason, when you light a purple candle, it will help you create an environment of transformation and change. The purple candle is very used in meditation because it helps to clear the mind, think wisely and solve your problems in the best way.

Green candle

This candle color represents nature, fertility, development and hope. When you light a green candle, you will feel serenity, tranquility and a perfect balance of mind and body. They also mean knowledge, renewal and reinforce love for yourself and harmonious relationships with others.

Black candle

The black color  candle has traditionally been associated with despair, darkness and death. However, it is also a color that is related to elegance, authority and mystery. Lighting a black candle is related to the end of a cycle, the elimination of bad vibrations and negative energies. Its use is very usual when it is necessary to end a tortuous relationship and close a spiritual cycle.

Golden Candle

This candle is related to wisdom, renewal, prosperity, and the beginning of a new stage in your life. Lighting a golden candle is very common, for example, to attract sales and customers in business, money and good fortune.

Brown candle

The brown color is intimately associated with the earth and stability. Lighting a brown candle helps you to meditate and connect with yourself to find the best solution for your problems. For this reason it is recommended to light a brown candle in difficult times.

Pink candle

Every time you light a pink candle you are attracting good health. It is also related to union, friendship, beauty, sweetness and romanticism. Lighting a pink candle will help you let emotions and feelings flow, and connects you with yourself.

Silver candle

The silver candles are related to protection. They are also used to encourage motivation. The silver candles are associated with the moon. You can light a silver candle when you suspect that someone wants to hurt you.

Sky blue candle

The blue sky candle is related to the emotions of each person. When you light a candle of that color you get a better understanding of things. Lighting a sky blue candle at home fosters a good family relationship.

Seven Layer Colour Candles

The candle of the seven colors is shaped by the colors of the rainbow and is widely used to make the ritual of the seven powers: Union, Harmony, Good Luck, Strength, Protection, Prosperity and Wellbeing. When you light a candle of seven colors you can think clearly to solve problems and better visualization to achieve your goals.

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