Meaning of White Candle

White candles are the most common because they are easily obtained, and without a doubt are those that abound in houses and churches. Perhaps you do not know the wonderful power of lighting a white candle and why it is widely used to celebrate rites, spells, and attract good energies.

In this post from, you will know the meaning of white candles, so you know in what context you should use them.

Meaning of white candle

What Is The White Candle Used For?

White candles symbolize purity and are related to the divine and the immaculate, that’s why they are used for cleaning rituals in many places. They are also useful to attract balance, harmony and positive energies. In this way, they have traditionally been used to ward off bad vibrations and protect us from any danger.

Lighting a white candle helps achieve a variety of pure and honest qualities and virtues: truth and sincerity, hope, innocence and simplicity, and of course to achieve pure, total and true love.

When you do not have candles of another color, the white candle is the perfect substitute, because it can be adapted to any intention:

  • It is very useful to clarify and calm the mind in times of crisis: ideal when the person is anxious, confused and disoriented
  • The white candle is excellent for rituals of opening roads, because its light moves away the darkness and unties us. This color never overloads and should be used if the person has doubts about what color to use.
  • Protects children from the womb until the age of eight.
  • Strengthens family ties, representing harmony and purity in the home.
  • It is indicated to illuminate the path of the dead and strengthen its guardian angel.
  • It is also the candle used to thank the spirits.

The white candle is used to protect and purify your home, because when you turn it on you open a mystical door towards tranquility, peace and relaxation in your home.

Meanings Of White Candles Lit

If you want to achieve a great state of imagination and creativity, you can light a white candle in a quiet place.

If your family’s life is not good, lighting a white candle reinforces family ties and makes love grow.

The white candle is also known as the “divine providence”. That is why in some religious places a white candle is lit on the first day of each month as a sign of gratitude. It is also closely related to everything religious. For that reason white candles are used at weddings, communion in the Catholic Church and baptisms.

More Interesting Things About The White Candles That You Should Know

  • Day: the day of the week in which the effects of white candles are much more effective is Monday. It is the day of the start of the activity, when the whole body has to get under way to face a new week of work and responsibilities and obligations and therefore it is the best time to request assistance in the issues already mentioned.
  • Flower: The most suitable flower to accompany the white candles lit is the white rose. It represents the purity and highlights the properties of the white candle.
  • Stone: two are the stones that favor the moment of the beginning of a ritual with white candles: the aquamarine and the pearl. The first is a variety of beryl, bluish, transparent, very appreciated as a precious stone. As for the pearl, it represents the white candle par excellence because of the beauty of the shape and color.
  • Health: the beneficial effects of the white candle are related to all the organs that intervene in the process of pregnancy and maternity, therefore, it is the breasts and the respective reproductive organs that benefit the most. On the other hand, the purifying capacity also extends to the lymphatic and nervous systems.
  • Astrological sign: Cancer is the representative of the astrological sign linked to the white candle. The natives of this sign are sensitive, orderly, saving and family people. Many of those who work in creative tasks are also under the Influence of Cancer. On the other hand, they are also candidates to suffer from depressive crises and to see the negative side of things.

White Candle Magic Love Spell

How to do the ritual?

Performing this ritual with white candle helps you to improve your relationship with other people, as it creates a balanced harmony in the environment where the ritual is performed:

When there is a crescent moon, light two white candles side by side, and with a red pencil write your name on a piece of paper and also write the name of your partner or the person with whom you want to improve the relationship on another paper. Then burn each of the names with the flame of one of the two candles and let the ashes fall to the floor. Finally, make a mental prayer to ask for harmony in your relationship and with a glass cover the candles and wait a moment until they go out alone.

You already know that white candles help us achieve positive vibrations, achieving the peace and tranquility that is so much desired.

Use white candles with wisdom and always for your well-being and that of others

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