Green Candle Meaning

Learn the meaning of the green candle. Everyday candles are used as a decorative element or to aromatize a space, but they are also a very present tool in white magic rituals. Green candles are highly recommended for health, to attract success and abundance in professional life.

But this is not all the good it can bring you as it will also help you to combat stress and abandon the envy of your heart. In this post we tell you what green candles mean for you to discover all its benefits.

Green candle meaning

Green candle spiritual meaning

The green color means fertility in the earth, at the same time it represents youth, abundance and growth; because this set generates a great creativity, productivity and improves the communication. Being the color of hope, burning a green candle helps you orient your spirit to achieve everything you want.

Every time you burn a green candle you will be invoking a great balance of mind, body and spirit to project indestructible security, confidence and stability.

Lighting a green candle helps you to reach a great level of relaxation, in order to remove stress, feelings of sadness and negative aspects.

As mentioned above, the green candle helps you achieve the security you need to believe in yourself, thanks to it, will help you achieve personal and professional success.

If you want your finances to improve, you can light green candles. They are closely related to luck and in any ritual it is very useful to make use of them so that your fortune finally reaches your hands. In addition, the color green is associated with the sign of the zodiac of Taurus and is governed by the planet Venus.

burning green candle meaning

Green candle rituals

How to do the ritual?
 Ritual for vitality 

To do this health ritual, you need a green candle, a pine incense and a glass of water.
Light the candle and place it on a plate next to the glass of water, then place the incense around both, concentrate and ask with great faith for improved health. It is recommended to accompany this ritual with a prayer to Saint Raphael.
This ritual will have greater effect if someone young does it; because young people have stronger and renewed energies.

 Ritual to attract money 

For this abundance of money ritual, you need seven green candles, a large plate, preferably rectangular in shape, and many coins of any denomination.
Each candle should be placed each day of the week and placed on the plate forming a triangle. In the center of the plate you must place the coins. The ritual should begin on a Monday, lighting the candle for this day, and ends on a Sunday, when the last candle is lit.

Summary: Green candles are used in ceremonies associated with prosperity, to call luck, win the game, promote social relations. In fact, green is associated with things that bloom; it is the color of nature, a reminder of fecundity and abundance.

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